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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 3, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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we're resting and always online at abc news. see you back here tomorrow. >> dicky: up next on an all new "jimmy kimmel live" from "dancing with the stars," joey fatone. >> do you think the was a bad idea to dress like hitler for this particular dance? >> dicky: ty burrell. >> jimmy: don't be like this. you're not really leaving are you? no, it's one of those cute shots we do on "modern family." >> oh. >> dicky: michael charles roman. music from psy. >> jimmy: you should krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states.
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and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. have you always wanted to take an amazing trip around the world? well, with some help from travelocity, now's your chance. >> it's too bad that i can't afford a real getaway. i guess this will have to do. the travelocity roaming gnome! holy moly! >> fancy a trip do you, guillermo? well, lucky you. i am looking to nab one person for a free trip around the globe! >> i've always wanted to see the globe. >> then cover your jubblies, go to and submit me an intertube video. >> i'm covering my jubblies and i'm going to register right now.
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>> this sand is all squishy, what is this? >> oh, that's kitty litter. >> oookay. >> goodbye, roaming gnome! i love you! >> dicky: if you want to get gnome-nabbed for an incredible trip around the world, go to for your chance to win. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with ty burrell, michael charles roman, the latest cast-off from "dancing with the stars" and music from psy. i mean we've been here for five hours and it only feels like four. it feels like four tops. this year, we're finally getting everything... ...that we didn't get last year. yeah. big screen! true 4g. yup. sfx: bing! hey, what did you just do? i just sent him a playlist. by touching phones? yup, simple as that. it's the galaxy s3. i'll see you at the studio later. later.
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subway® has got the perfect halloween accessory. get a frankenweenie bag and glow stick with every subway fresh fit for kids™ meal. and see disney's frankenweenie october 5th, only in theaters, rated pg. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ty burrell. michael charles roman. from "dancing with the stars," joey fatone. and music from psy. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: that's very nice. welcome. welcome. hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host, thanks for watching, thank you for being here. what a special night, new episode of "dancing with the stars" on abc. are you "dancing with the stars" fans? [ cheers and applause ] that seemed half-hearted to me. it was elimination night, another dancer cast down from ma'am mambo mountain. last night bristol palin had the lowest score, an 18, but she was not sent home, instead, joey fatone got the axe tonight. he'll be happy to hear that because here now to analyze this decision, live via satellite from "dancing with the stars" headquarters is joey fatone and kym johnson. hi, guys. >> what up, jimmy. >> jimmy: how are you feeling right now?
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>> i feel like i got kicked in the nuts. >> jimmy: it's times like these you probably wish you hadn't recorded a song called "bye bye bye." >> they should have pled that. that's the thing. you go out, you got to go out big. >> jimmy: people were probably surprised you were eliminated tonight. you had 22 1/2 was your score, bristol palin only had an 18. so, what do you make of that? what do you think the reason of that? her mother carries a gun? >> i think so. even she carries a gun, i believe. >> jimmy: we have video now, you guys dancing last night. and what is the dance you did last night? what do you call that? >> it's -- it's the quick step, homage to the silent films. >> jimmy: in retrospect do you think the was a bad idea to dance like hitler for this
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particular dance? [ cheers and applause ] >> i was a combination of hitler and charlie chaplin. >> jimmy: oh, charlie chaplin. all right. >> my goodness. >> jimmy: kym, two-time "dancing with the stars" champion, which means this is entirely joey's fault, right? >> no, not at all. >> if didn't have that much weight in my waist area maybe i would have moved faste eer frome waist down is a lot of meat. >> jimmy: will you quick "dancing with the stars" in protest? it seems this was a bad decision to me? >> no, all-stars, everyone's amazing, tough every week. >> jimmy: you only care about yourself and not joey? >> no. >> jimmy: that is true. >> all about her. i try to make her look good. >> i feel so bad for joey, i do. >> jimmy: do you think you'll ever speak again? >> will you speak to me? >> i'll talk to her tomorrow. >> jimmy: i've said it before
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and i'll say the again, you still have the best facial hair in the business and no one can take that away from you, without a razor, anyway. >> thank you. >> jimmy: remember that mirrorball trophy is a cheap piece of crap the prop guys put together, it doesn't mean anything. >> true. it's very true. for me, as long as i had fun i really didn't care. exciting to dance with kym again. >> jimmy: very kind of you to say. thank you joey and kym a, our eliminees tonight. taking it well. he honestly doesn't care he was hitler. in other sports news, lakers had their annual media day, one of the reporters asked metta world peace, used to be ron artest, how kobe bryant and dwight howard are getting a long and metta described the relationship as only he can. >> how do they play together? different personalities? >> they play great, play
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together, love each other. like i said, like the care bears, they love each other. care for each other. >> jimmy: like the care bears. i like a good literary reference from my athletes. this is a story i'm having a hard time understanding. a gym teacher at an elementary school in queens, new york, suing the department of education saying he was assaulted by a student. there is nothing funny about that, except for the fact that is the teacher and this is the student. a first grader named rodrigo, teacher is 27, 5'10", former college football player. let's go back to the photo of the kid for a second. you think they posed him like that for the story? is that how he walks around? was he attacking the photographer here? what's going on. the teacher claims the boy kicked and bit him and gave him a fractured ankle, injured knee,
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going to therapy. retained an attorney. what do you sue a 6-year-old for? pokemon cards? i think if i was beat up by a 6-year-old i would keep it quiet. controversy in farmingdale, island a street there that skateboarders love and people on the street aren't particularly happy to have them, there is a ban to move skateboarding from the street. fortunately, fox 5 was there to grab the action. >> they like the hill because the pavement is smooth, not too steep, no blind turns. >> i love the hill it's safe, easiest place to skate, close thome and no blind corner. >> reporter: some neighbors complained skateboarding isn't safe in their residential neighborhood. >> it's awe nuisance for us, two handicapped people had to dodge skateboards on their own skateboard. that's madness. >> jimmy: and then -- have you
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heard of a snuggery? a place where you can go and pay to have someone snuggle for you in a nonsexual way. it's not a whorehouse, it's a borehouse. there are a few of these around the country and last night cbs in new york caught up with a woman who runs one out of her cottage and this, to me, is insane. >> the latest trend, paying someone to snuggle with you. we wear pajamas, fully clothes and we lay down and just snuggle up next to each other. >> reporter: for $60 an hour, this 29-year-old offers cuddle sessions in her new york cottage. >> our bodies next to each other, all kinds of positions to be cuddling, sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. >> that's madness. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was worth it.
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former california governor arnold schwarzenegger on tour promoting his book that covers his life, career and the thing everyone really wants to know about is sex with the hou housekeeping staff. on "fox and friends" this morning where he was asked about the end of the book which deals with the impreg nation of the schwarzenegger family maid. >> how have you processed it? was it painful to write those last pages? >> it was painful to go through these pages, i'm not a person that likes to look back. >> jimmy: wait a minute? you're not? how do you explain this? >> one of my movies was called "true lies." hasta la vista. you are the true terminators. i'll be back. i'm always a person that moves forward. >> jimmy: yes, indeed. the first of three debates between president obama and m.i.t. romnmitt
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romney tomorrow is and "family circle" ajounnnounced that mich obama beat ann romney in the cookie contest. they each submitted a rest scip the readers voted. they have been responsering the contest for decades, time-honored tradition of taking successful, accomplished women and forcing them to get in the kitchen and bake for us. congratulations. mitt romney and snooki are back in the news. mitt romney asked on "live with kelly and michael" who he liked better snooki or honey boo boo. he picked snooki, snooki heard by the and told the daily news it was awesome but she still hasn't decided who she's voting for, she wants to stick a few more facts in her head hole and rattle them around. didn't realize snooki was tall enough to vote to be honest. you shoild uld be allowed to vor
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be on "jersey shore," not both of them. you have to figure she'll vote for obama. she might be the only person in america who is better off now than she was four years ago. a funny romney related item on his msnbc show, al sharpton talking about a photo on facebook, romney visiting a chipotle store. hard to tell. >> the conversation is going around the clock. today our facebook family cheered voter i.d. decision in pennsylvania. this photo of romney getting lunch at chipote in colorado was the other big photo. >> who took the air out of al sharpton? who took the air out of him. he needs to eat a little chipotle. anti-mitt romney ad that stars
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his real life garbageman, richard hayes, he goes to the house in la jolla. >> i'm richard hayes and pick up mitt romney's trash. we're called the invisible people. he doesn't realize the service we provide. if it wasn't for us it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash. rest seidents come out and shakr hands, give us hugs, thank us, water and gatorade. tells us we're doing a good job. >> jimmy: who hugs their garbage man? who are these debt whose give them hugs? i would rather make out with my garbageman than hug him. the romney campaign is not taking this ad lying down, they released this starring a romney employee. >> i've been a butler in the house of romney since before
12:17 am
master romney was born and we, his faithful servants are like the invisible people. and that's just as it should be. he doesn't realize the services i provide, but if he did, i wouldn't be a very good butler, would think? much like the gears in lord romney's finest swiss watch my purpose is to remain hidden, moving hither and thither with the utmost discretion, making sure all his affairs run smoothly. just last week, as i was wiping him, sweet mitt mistook me for an ottoman. my best work yet. good show. jolley good show. >> paid for by manserve and th s -- manservants for mitt. >> we have michael charles
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the show, one of the stars of "we made this movie," which you can see via itunes and video on demand, michael charles roman is with us. and then, we have music from a peculiar korean gentleman. his music video has been viewed almost 350 million times on youtube. that's more than the keyboard cat.
12:23 am
with the song, "gangnam style," psy from the bud light stage. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by amy poehler, alan arkin and have music from garbage. and on thursday, zac efron will be here, as will jack black and kyle gass. together they form the band, tenacious d. we'll chat with them and they'll play, too. we have a celebrity in our audience here tonight. very exciting. we met this guy, do you remember -- let me show this -- can i show this video on youtube? i just looked it up. >> difference, i got off to a slow start. >> jimmy: this is the u.s. open. that guy. [ cheers and applause ] that guy is here with us tonight. isn't that something? his name is the jungle bird. and tell us again why you do this? why you disrupt these sporting events? >> i'm raising awareness against
12:24 am
deforestation. >> jimmy: racing awareness against something. i can't understand exactly what he's saying, de forestation. >> where people chop down trees in the rain forest. >> jimmy: i know what it is. where, may i ask, did you get that hat? >> in new york. in central park. a street vendor. >> jimmy: you bought that union jack hat in new york? >> believe it or not. >> jimmy: you said, yes, this is my costume. much like speiderman when he designed -- >> jimmy: you here with yourself? >> i have two friends. >> jimmy: do they run around with you and jump it -- >> this guy is my cameraman. for different events. >> jimmy: you're the insider source? >> yeah. >> jimmy: not anymore, you're not. wow. again, you can see why we're so excited here. welcome. welcome, jungle bird. >> thank you.
12:25 am
>> jimmy: for four seasons, our first guest has played, to emmy-winning perfection, the classic and clueless phil dunphy on "modern family." you can see him now for not free in the new movie "butter," both on demand in your home, and/or in theaters friday. please welcome ty burrell. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ good to see you. >> that is literally the first time anybody did something like that for charity. i want one of those streakers at the a football game to be like i just did that for the girls and boys club. help raise awareness. >> jimmy: have you raised any money for the forest? not as yet, yeah. keep at it. keep at it. nothing yet. how are you? the last time, speak of bad
12:26 am
ideas, the last time you were here, you mentioned that you just opened a bar in utah with your family. >> yes, we did. >> jimmy: how's that going? >> it's going really well because now there is a bar in utah. [ laughter ] no, it's bar x and doing really well because my brother runs it and he's good at it. >> jimmy: did you have any previous experience in a bar? >> i -- i've never bartended but i was, believe it or not, a bouncer for a while. i was, because i was fat. i worked as a waiter in this place and at some point they were like, he's fat, he should be the bouncer. i was about 220 at the time. and so they had me be a bouncer. i'm just so not cut out for it. >> jimmy: why? >> i'm the most fragile, delicate flower on earth. they paired with me this guy named yancey, my african
12:27 am
american doppelganger. just as gentle as i was, 220, all fat, and we just sit there all night and let everyone in. >> jimmy: you did? >> people would hand us ids made out of felt and "looks great." >> jimmy: it's soft. >> can i keep it? >> jimmy: did they eventually keep on to you and fire you? >> kind of. there was a, at one point, a fight that broke out, literally our worst nightmare was a big brawl. so, a fight broke out and yancey and i were like, oh, goodness, you guys should all stop, at a certain point we're both like, we should just get out of here. >> jimmy: you left? >> we walked. we scooted out and let the fight work itself out. >> jimmy: really? did you come back to work the next day? >> you kind of wandered off into the sunset. >> jimmy: you and yancey. do you keep in touch? >> i don't. if you're out there, yancey,
12:28 am
let's get some tea. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so, you're not -- you're not a tough guy in general? >> no, no. >> jimmy: that's good, i think. there is nothing worse than bouncers, they like when there are fights so they can kick people in the head. >> you don't want a guy who wants a few more minutes of practice with mma, looking for sparring. >> jimmy: when did you slim down? i never imagined you -- i'm now imagining you as a fat guy. i love it! >> isn't it hilarious? >> jimmy: you know, right -- >> kind of like, i basically just figured out i should probably move, that moving is great, so i started to move a bit. >> jimmy: not out of your house? >> no, no, i lived with my rent. no. >> jimmy: moving out of the parents house might help, too. congratulations at the emmys, you cleaned house, you won three emmys there.
12:29 am
the show. best comedy show, both actor categories. that's really -- such a great show. >> thanks. we've been incredibly fortunate. >> jimmy: the obamas and romneys b both call it their favorite show, impressive. >> i know. i can't believe it. >> jimmy: my favorite thing about the show is the little, the video testimonials you give when you talk directly to the camera. had that ever been done before like that on a family sitcom? >> cute little video testimonials? honestly, sometimes i don't think jimmy knows how insulting he hifs h he is. his words are like punches to my giant, giant heart. >> jimmy: do they write that stuff for you? i know they write the stuff where you're acting back and forth with the wife and kissed but what about the stuff right
12:30 am
directly to the camera? do they write that? >> how am i supposed to answer that? do they write stuff for me? it's a scripted show. it's a ridiculous question. is he playing dumb or is he just dumb? that's a great question, actual actually. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: thank you. >> you nailed it. they do write the testimonials but we improvise a bit to keep it natural. >> jimmy: he's the best. so effortless. [ cheers and applause ] he's the best. yet i know eric stonestreet won the emmy so technically he's the best but you're among the best. just below eric stonestreet. >> i'm thinking it might be time to wrap this interview up. it's kind of a disaster. >> i think what is making it awkward is the cutaways you keep doing. i think it's confusing people
12:31 am
and causing like a problem for the viewer. >> okay. >> what? what? ty, where you going? come on. don't be like this. you're not really leaving, are you? no, no, i'm not, this is just one of those cute shots we do on "modern family." >> jimmy: oh. okay. >> right. you got that right, you're on "modern family" right now, genius. >> jimmy: you're being sarcastic now? >> i am. >> jimmy: i want to apologize. didn't mean to be -- >> let's go this way. >> jimmy: it's this way actually, if you don't mind. just right there. >> i'm really sorry. i overreacted. >> jimmy: you did a little bit. but you know what, actually, why don't we take a quick break right here and we'll gather our bearings and be right back with ty burrell. we'll be right back. zwr i . >> i'm sorry. monopoly at mcdond
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so you'll never have to break up with your sweet tooth again. [ knocking ] >> hey, boo. >> you can't be here. >> you still owe me money, remember, i never got the rest of the money. >> this sisn't happening. >> you said you loved, me. >> that was early for me. >> but we did it. i never do it with guys from the -- >> dad, who is that? >> nobody.
12:37 am
>> nobody? >> is that a hooker? >> no, no -- >> i like her boots. >> those are army boots. she's a recruiter. >> jimmy: "butter" is currently playing on demand and opens in theaters this friday. on demand now, we demand them and get them immediately. >> i demand butter. >> jimmy: i think it's weird for you to be married to someone other than julie bowen but you're married to jennifer garner in this. >> she's the loveliest person on earth. >> jimmy: she is. quite a cast you surround yourself with. >> a huge cast. i do not belong it. >> jimmy: who else is in the movie? >> jennifer, olivia wilde, rob co corddry, a great young actress name raha. >> jimmy: it's about butter? >> believe it or not. there is a whole world of butter
12:38 am
carving in the midwest which didn't know was a world but it is a world. >> jimmy: how many people are involved in this world? >> a lot. the they are actually incredible, the carvings are unbelievable, really beautiful. this is basically the story of, i am playing the guy who has won 15 years in a row and jennifer garner, i step down and jennifer garner is my wife and she can't handle having all of the attention of being a butter carving champion, she teaches herself to carve but then meets this girl in this kind of tournament, meet this is girl and they have this huge battle for the butter carving championship. >> jimmy: where did you shoot this but ter carving exstrav beg -- extravaganza. >> in louisiana. have you been there? >> jimmy: i feel like i would be
12:39 am
dead after a few weeks if i lived there. >> i was like a huge hush puppy when i was there. they enjoy thurr drinkieir drin have drive-thru, alcohol smoothie joints. you drive through and get a daiquiri in a super big gulp thing but there are protections, of course nobody is drinking and driving, they leave the paper on the straw. [ laughter ] so, don't freak out. don't freak out. you got to get that off. >> jimmy: that paper off if -- >> if you're going to get into a wreck. >> jimmy: how would that go over in utah? quite a leap between utah and louisiana. i don't think they allow slushies in utah. >> the virgin version is not allowed. i saw a guy drinking one, the 64
12:40 am
ounce of rum and i somehow -- he managed to crack the code and get the paper off. he was enjoying it. >> jimmy: when julie bowen was here she told me about sofia's birthday party at mexico and it was madness. did you go to that? >> no, we wanted to go but at the time our new addition was 3 months old and we figured she didn't want drunk parents. it was a lot of fun where fr all accounts. >> jimmy: are you glad you didn't go? it sounds like -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: sounds like it would be hard deep up. >> i heard stories. by the way, her family was at the mem emmys, 19 of them, we l and it was essentially the vergaras still dancing. >> jimmy: they may still be there for all i know. ji it's great to see you.
12:41 am
"butter" on demand and in theaters friday. "modern family" airs wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. on abc. ty burrell, everybody. we'll be right back with michael charles roman. [ snoring ] ♪ [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep.
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>> jimmy: still to come, psy with his song "gangnam style." when you sit down to enjoy our next guest's project, you'll know exactly what you're getting and from whom. it's called "we made this movie," and it is available on itunes and on demand. please welcome michael charles roman. [ cheers and applause ] >> what a way to spend a tuesday night in l.a.
12:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] hello. awesome. thank you for having me. >> jimmy: do i this every tuesday night here in l.a. so it's not as exciting. >> let me tell you, from somebody who doesn't do it, this is better than hgtv for the night. >> jimmy: should i call you michael or michael charles? >> michael is fine. >> jimmy: why do you use the middle name like a serial killer? >> it's just ego and bigger billing. no, when i first started there was another michael roman. >> jimmy: you weren't able to have him desfloid. >> who is to say didn't. >> jimmy: when did you start? >> a professional at 5. >> jimmy: you got paid right away? >> yes. >> jimmy: what was your first thing? >> my first thing was for -- a regional commercial for a hospital in nashua, massachusetts. >> jimmy: isn't that in new hampshire? >> wow. this is home schooling 101. i'm sorry. >> jimmy: nashua is in new
12:52 am
hampshire. >> that's amazing. >> jimmy: okay. you got that. >> from there was just a steady workload of commercials and i did a lot of television pilots. >> jimmy: which? >> i did guest spots, i worked with michael j. fox at "spin city." i played the young ted danson on "becker." >> jimmy: young ted dan son? is that how they labeled it? or young becker? >> like young ted becker. >> jimmy: did you a soap opera? >> was on "one life to live" for a year. >> jimmy: how old were you? >> i was 6, i played little al. young ted and little al. i have some interesting storylines. it was crazy. i was stuck in a crevice. like had to air vac me out and
12:53 am
had t-shirts. >> jimmy: like baby jessica? >> that was it. and recently we just sold our house, family home in upstate new york and we found a stockpile of fan mail and the creepiest of fan mails, just like little al, i write to you from my cell, prison 8 and you're adorable, can you wave at me next -- >> jimmy: and i hope you get out of the krcrevice? >> yeah. >> jimmy: was there a crevice and they had you-zblsh they built this massive styrofoam mounten. >> jimmy: you had to get night? >> they had to harness me up for like every day a month. >> jimmy: what became of little al? you said you were on the show for a year. >> i left after a year. in three years he became a 40-year-old doctor from like, who just came back from backpacking in sweden. it was like the most bizarre -- >> jimmy: little a l turnl turno
12:54 am
dr. al? do you know who came back as big al, the actor? >> it was a bizarre. there was a likeness. i was like look in the mirror 40 years from now. >> jimmy: interesting to compare photographs now that yier older and see if there is any real resemblance. >> i'll to that tonight. >> jimmy: you should write letters back to the prisoners. that will be nice. you're a child actor, your parents are probably used to you -- are they excited? did they come to the premiere? >> my father, brother and girlfriend, we were in new york and had a sensational time. it was so great. >> jimmy: weird to hear a guy say sensational and he has a girlfriend in the same sentence. >> i'm breaking the mold. she's sensational. she is. magnifice magnificent. i am the adjective king. >> jimmy: i think the first scene in the movie we see your
12:55 am
ass, right? >> pretty nice. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's sensational. >> she says. >> jimmy: what is your dad like, conservative guy? >> we were a very traditional family, upbringing, and he kind of puts on the stoic front, kind of goes along with it but he had taste of that years ago where i -- >> jimmy: he had a taste of your ass? >> wow. we'll be right back. this is a tlc show. no, but years ago in my, when i was ten years old i wandered up to our attic, which was like the hardest attic o get to in history and ladders and wood things and i'm up there and i found, i'm seeing a glistening book in the corner and it's a leatherbound kama sutra.
12:56 am
the indian book of -- >> jimmy: sexual positions. >> every chance i had i would sneak up to the attic and look and enjoy, black and white. they would talk about -- >> jimmy: stories you tell your grandchildren, before the internet, we were forced up in the attic -- >> with black and white photos and talking about having orgies with little people. >> jimmy: is that in there? >> i swear to god. i'm in there. i'm taking crib notes. so one day i'm up there, my house was empty. i was like, there it is. up to the attic we go. and i get up there and looking, that's enough. let's put it away. and i forget there is a loose floorboard in our attic and i fall through the ceiling. >> jimmy: i've done that. >> have you? >> jimmy: you can't step on the ceiling, you have to step on the beams because there is no support. you go through. >> little did i know. >> jimmy: then the police have to come. >> my mom comes how manme -- ths
12:57 am
a point. she's like what happened, you're bleeding. i said i fell through the ceiling. and she said, why, what, why were you up in the attic? i said, i was looking at a book. and she went, get me the book. i get her the book. and she's flipping through it and she's going -- oh, this is nice. this is lovely. looks at the gaping hole and goes wait until your father gets home. my father is like the enforcer. this is like when he was in the navy or air force, one of those stories. so, my dad gets home and i'm petriified, that i'll get annihilated. and my dad comes home, closes the door behind him, sits on the bed and he goes, so you found the kama sutra? i said, yeah. he said, don't worry by the, i'll patch it up but cue the
12:58 am
tears, let mom hear it. think i'm -- cue it up, meryl streep moment. >> jimmy: he wanted you to pretend to cry. >> like i just got reamed, eye c -- i'm kug it up, like an addition, my family around the television, having nice family moment, jeopardy, what is the indian book of love, mike, kama sutra. my dad was like, ass shot, kama sutra, hand in hand. long-winded. >> jimmy: that's a true story? >> swear to god. >> jimmy: we'll have to investigate. too good of a story. called "we made this movie" a behind the scenes but not really behind the scenes but it's very interesting. i don't think anyone has done this before. >> an onion, multilayered and the five seniors kind of pack together and our leader of the
12:59 am
pack played by r.j. smith, he's fantastic and he has this idea of let's make a jackass-like borat movie with these stunts that fail. he's so keyed up it will be a success, he hires freshmen in high school to tape the behind the scenes for the dvd extras and that becomes the actual movie. our terribly tragic lives suck in this horrible town. >> jimmy: and your ass is in it. >> if that doesn't sell tickets. >> jimmy: it's available on itunes and on demand. when we come back, music from psy, the gangnam style guy.
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>> jimmy: this man has more than hundreds of millions of views on youtube and counting. here with his big hit, "gangnam style," psy. ♪ [ singing in korean ]
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♪ [ singing in korean ] ♪ [ singing in korean ] ♪ gangnam style ♪ gangnam style ♪
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♪ hey -- sexy lady ♪ hey -- sexy lady ♪ [ singing in korean ] >> louder! [ singing in korean ] ♪ [ singing in korean ] ♪ [ singing in korean ]


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